Subzero Water Bottle Review

70% of our body is water and therefore on average a person need 8 glasses of water to keep the body hydrated. For years I had skin issues-dryness, acne and rashes. My skin was too dull and dry, therefore my mother took me to the best dermatologist (Dr Louis) in our city. The first question that Dr Louis asked me was about my water intake. I felt very guilty in telling him that my water intake was not appropriate. Dr Louis then explained to me the importance of water and how I was destroying my body cells by dehydrating them. Dehydration was tearing me from inside and the results of my decaying inner cells were visible on my skin. Thanks to Dr Louis who not only explained to me the importance of water but also guide me with the steps that can help me drink more water. There for the first time I heard about subzero water bottle. Dr Louis also told me to read subzero water bottle review since the review can help me learn more about the bottle.

Dr Louis told me that the main reason I wasn’t drinking appropriate amount of water was that my water bottle was not ‘cool’ yes literally cool. As I am someone who is always looking for style and the ordinary plastic bottles were not very stylish therefore I loved the concept of the subzero water bottle. Before you purchase your subzero water bottle, let me share with you subzero water bottle review.

Subzero Water Bottle Review #1

Sarah one satisfied customer of subzero water bottle wrote her subzero water bottle review where she gave a 10/10 to this incredible bottle. Sarah was a single mother working outside most of the time during the day so she terribly needed a good water bottle.

Subzero Water Bottle Review #2

Andy a gym instructor shared his subzero water bottle review where he wrote that the bottle was incredible and should be the first choice of anyone associated with a gym. Andy happily gave a five star rating to the subzero water bottle.

The same day I visited Dr Louis I purchased my subzero water bottle. It was quite affordable and a nice looking water bottle. I purchased a purple subzero water bottle as purple is my favorite color. Since the day I got my subzero water bottle I love it. I love it so much that I always keep it along. The size of the bottle is appropriate to fit in my bag, no leakage problems, the caps have rubbers fitted in so water does not leak at all. I can always refill it. It does not have any BPA problem like ordinary plastic bottles. It is germs free. I can easily sterilize it. Most important of all it can keep water cool for more than 18 hours. The subzero water bottle is so amazing that I recommend it to everyone.

I hope this subzero water bottle review will be helpful when you’re buying your own subzero water bottle. You may also like to read how many ounces are in a subzero water bottle before buying it.

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